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ICYMI NASTIE INK Advance Review for Nui•Sance

ScottyMFV here for a personal review of the upcoming Nastie Ink Ep, Nui•sance available at Nastie Bash 6. Now I’ve said it once I’ll say it again: I can not believe Nastie is giving this EP away for free! Even though it’s 8 tracks and an intro it is a solid entry and is in the same bloodline of The Battousai , which is personally one of my favorite albums from Nastie Ink. From the moment the intro begins to play, you get a real sense of what the album is about. It really is an introduction in every sense of the word. A battle is brewing inside of Nastie and he’s expressed it as a Nuisance.

Then the second track kicks in. Instantly hard af. Solid, aggressive and catchy. Nastie really shows that he is always progressing as an artist and has learned from the greats. “Murder on my mind” is the perfect way to get started with this release. It let’s you know right off rip where he is coming from and exactly what his goal is.

I’ll tell you this much, track 3 is my favorite song on this release. “Angel in a Poppy Field” has a dope feature, but it’s Nastie who really makes this a piece of art. The hook is beautiful and haunting, while still fueling the aggression that is laced throughout the album. “I was trained by the best, that the underground ever bred” and it shows .“Cuz son you ain’t the one" I can’t wait to hear this live at some point. *chef’s kiss*

The fourth song is a flex, I’ll tell you that much. Nastie flexes his lyricism over a beat reminiscent of some west coast rap, but he really makes it his own. Again, the agression is strong with this one, in the best of ways.

Now for the fifth one, Nastie brought in some heavy hitters with Famz and Kerry Owens. As always Famz spits that hooligan shit in a fire verse, but wait, did I mention this is a love song? Oh yea track 5 is titled “For Love". As an ode to his amazing wife, Nastie delivers on his verse as well. However in my humble opinion, it’s really Kerry Owens who shines the brightest on this track.

Then we get to the MF'N BOP!! It’s not even finished yet, but y’all are gonna love the 6th entry…

“playing with the pudding, Bill Cosby”

Be prepared to have that stuck in your head! Second favorite on Nuisance. So damn catchy…

Did I mention the aggression in this album? Well if you haven’t felt it by this point, you will on “Welcome to the City". It’s so smooth though, flows well like shots of gin. Unless you know you are the target of Nastie’s verses… again he really flexes his lyricism on this project.

All I Know is that “All I Know” is a love letter to coming up in the underground. It’s a whole vibe. Nastie brings some heavy spitters in to deliver hot ass verses too. Seriously, this one is a vibe. It made me have to spark up a blunt and put the song on repeat till it was finished.

So I asked myself, how is Nastie gonna wrap this Ep up? Well the answer is: he doesn’t.

Hellfire does.

And The Pope just lyrically floats across this track, lacing up what already has a RnB feel to it with a silky smooth hook. “Sleepwalking” is a fitting conclusion to an amazing Ep.

If you have stuck around this long then thank you for reading my review. However the real Thanks goes out to Nastie for letting me get the preview of this amazing Ep, that once again I cannot believe he is releasing for free at Nastie Bash 6 this year. I'm not just kissing his ass because that's my homie even though he is I'm just trying to tell y'all you do not want to miss out on this release.

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