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Lineup Announced for Dean's Creepshow this October

Dean is having one busy year. Just a few days ago he dropped his music video for "VooDoo Rising" as well as pre-orders for his new record VooDoo Frankenstein. After that he was announced on S.O.N.'s annual Halloween show, Samhain Ceremony. Now he has just released the line up for his returning Halloween event, Creepshow.

The show will take place Oct 21st at the Pegasus Lounge in Tampa, Florida. For performances they’ve got: Kthatrapqueen, Ducktapeface, Politicize, Tommy Gunz, Mizt3r Purple , Miss Kisa, Drop-D, Sleep Lyrical, Big Pete, Danny Drive By, NoiZe 13, Mumm-Ra, D-Murder, and of course the Pig Gawd himself, . The entire event will be hosted by Rebecca Oh aka El(high)ra “Mistress of the Dank” and Hater Marc.

If your interested you can pick up your tickets now over on Deans official site. As mentioned earlier you can also preorder his new record VooDoo Frankenstein from there as well.

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