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The Michigan Misfits drop G.P.K. ft. Monoxide!

It's me, ScottyMFV, and I'm here to remind yall that The Michigan Misfits dropped a new single today, an homage to the classic garbage pail kids, appropriately titled G.P.K. The Misfits who hail from Michigan are a cult hit in the underground who put on a hellava live show. They have even been dubbed the underground tag team champions of the world!

This time they got one of the G.O.A.T.s on their new single and brought out the fire in him. The Monoxide Child himself laces up his verse with some straight Fuck You lyrics, which is perfect for the whole track. From the hook "If I had one wish, I'd tell the world to pucker up and give my ass a kiss" to the back and forth in their verses, Jack Sin and Body Rot deliver a solid single that shows how they feel about the users and abusers of the music world, as well as flaky friends and fans. I personally love how the Misfits play so well together. Their voices and flow just work, it's filthy in the best way. Make sure you check them out, catch them Live and peep their merch!

Speaking of merch, the phenomenal cover for G.P.K. is available as a tee shirt on the Michigan Misfits storefrontier! Featuring both Jack Sin and Bray - I mean Body Rot as well as Monoxide in Garbage Pail form. Huge shout out to Zillo Arts for his kick ass work. He's been doing alot of art for the 'Fits and their collabs are fire check it out!

So yea, Check out the new Single G.P.K. wherever you listen to music and give them a follow on Facebook. Catch them live this weekend October 1st at first annual NIGHT OF THE XULIGANS in Newport Kentucky! Give Zillo Arts a follow too to keep up with all of his fresh work, and he is available for commissions.

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