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GOTJ '22 Teaser Q&A With S.O.N.

ScottyMFV here...

To Finish off my little mini series of Q&As for this event I wanted to speak with a favorite, Something Outta Nothing S.O.N. For some reason he didn't quite make the Official cut, but there is always a place for The Hive at The Gathering. That's right Legion Realm will be in effect on The Rejekt stage, Friday @ 2:30 A.M.

Here's a quote pulled straight from Facebook:

"Ohhhhhhh it's going down. Legion realm and S.O.N have been summoned to bestow the blessing upon the gathering of dreams!" He continues on with "I have been blessed to rock the gathering officially on more then one occasion but if you think I wasn't going to take an opportunity to come spew the wicked shit for the juggalos un officially you are outta your God damn mind."

So now that's out of the way, let's speak with the man, the Myth himself, Something Outta Nothing:

Q) How many Gatherings have you attended?

A) This will be my 14th in a row.

Q) What was your favorite so far? And why?

A) This is a hard question but if I had to choose it's a tie between the 10th annual, the 17th and the 20th. These years the magic high, the homies were full of love and the shit was just perfect.

Q) You are playing the Rejekt Stage this year, tell us a bit a about that?

A) The homie Mc-HOR hit me up about playing and I of course took the opportunity to throw down for the juggalos.

Q) What's your favorite song to play live?

A) I would have to say The Hive. Having everyone on the stage and feeling that connection with the audience and knowing we are all safe in that moment is beautiful.

Q) What can we expect from S.O.N. at the Gathering?

A) You can expect to get your wig blow back and the blessing to be bestowed upon your brain!

Q) Are you bringing any exclusive merch?

A) Not this time...

Q) Who are you looking forward to seeing play this year? Top 5?

A) Super Famous Funtime Guys

Famz and The Hooliganz

Madd Maxxx


And of course the


Q) When are we getting that Grant Us Eyes rerelease dammit? Lmao.

A) When the sun lines up with the earth and the birds fly east as the aura of Venus gently tickles your nut sack then BAM! The Grant Us Eyes re release will be on the webstore waiting for you and yours. Nah but for real sooner then later. We are going to be launching The Hive Facebook group soon and when that happens It will be time to talk about it.

S) My Favorite part of your set, Bee sides the Hive has to be Tiffany going hard af in the pit! Care to comment?

C) That girl is as big a part of S.O.N as I am. Her energy compliments mine in ways I can not describe with words. I love that girl eternally.

The Hive Facebook Group, Venus tickling Nut Sacks, and Shout out to Mc-HOR, so much info in a short time right there. As Always, huge Thank You to my brother S.O.N. for taking the time to talk with me! Make sure you catch him performing Friday Night @ 2:30 A.M. on the Rejekt Stage during The 22nd Annual Gathering of the Juggalos: Gathering of Dreams running until the 6th here @ Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio!

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