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Effortlessly Odd Primer with Stray of Sky Swamp Orange

ScottyMFV back at it again! So I may or may not be a huge Sky Swamp Orange fan... oh who am I kidding, I fucking love the Swamp Boys. So when Stray announced he had new solo music on the way to follow up the amazing release of ODIUM, I knew we were all in for a treat. To really put the cherry on top, Stray brought out the homie Nastie Ink to lace up the track with him. I hopped right in them DMs to get a little input on the making of and meaning behind the track. Stray never disappoints:

"The meaning isnt that deep. It's me and Nastie just kinda Barring out a lil bit. The initial concept of it... I had heard the beat and I started hearing like the melody of it, the effortlessly odd part and I kinda just started running with that... I wrote and recorded my verse in probably like a half an hour, 45 minutes something like that and I was originally going to do a second verse but then I started not wanting to do it so I felt like I could hear Nastie on it so I hit up Nastie and was like hey bro I got this track I think you'd sound good on it let me know if you want to hop on it and he was like okay he's like I'm really busy right now but he's like if you send it to me I'll check it out and I can probably get something to you in like a week. Well he heard the track fucked with it so hard that within probably an hour of me sending it he sent me back his verse recorded so it was very no pun intended effortless to make the song... but from a lyrical standpoint pretty much the song it's about kind of being a starving artist and kind of just being like upset about the fact that you see like dudes with like half your talent or people that kind of do the similar like style to you or whatever and are just kind of Faking the funk and they're kind of getting on and you're not so when I wrote my verse those lyrics came from a real place like it you know me saying things like I'm getting tired of the struggle living check to check got me contemplating trouble like all that kind of stuff and yeah I don't know man it's just eh but it's a fun one and me and Nastie just going back and forth barrin' out!"

And bar out they did! I've had the song in rotation all day. Those guys are definitely some brothers, especially to the Hooliganz so if you havent checked it out, make sure you do...

Effortlessly Odd on Spotify

Another fact that I thought was fun is the fact that they performed this song live at Camp Xul 2 this year back in June. Crafty devils I'll tell you that much. Here is some footage of the performance thanks to a Mrs. Nastie herself, Amber.

Stray and Nøvls will both be in Attendance for Nastie Bash 6 doing solo music, maybe some team ups, and hopefully RITUALS

Drop some orange hearts in the comments if you are feeling it and until next time Hooliganz and Swamp Dwellers, Swamp Lord #7 out!

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