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Keagan Grimm and Labrynthine's Cinderblock Saints Prerelease Review

Oh man, do I love this job! It's me ScottyMFV and I'm back today with a prerelease review of Keagan Grimm and Labrynthine's new EP "Cinderblock Saints". With production from Jay Reno and mastering by Bad Mind of Bank Hard Beats, this one is sure to bang.

Cinderblock Saints will be released next week on August 30th. Preorders are still available for the physical release as well as the dope matching shirt, and a shirt and cd combo!

Now for the preReview as promised:

Track 1 is an intro, and as I've said before, I really enjoy one that sets the tone for the project. While short and sweet, this does exactly that. A quick taste of what you are in for.

Track 2 is called Earthbound and it is gritty right off rip! Much like the hook implies, they killed this one just to kill it and kill they did. Like an Urban Leatherface on a rampage, the imagery that is invoked is hella dark and entertaining. I'm a fan.

Track 3 is Godforsaken, and it's easy to see why. To me it immediately gives off a Queen of the Damned sound productionwise, and that's a good thing. The lyrics are as the title would imply, angry and demonic. Some excellent word play and again, the horror movie that plays in my head is on point!

Outta My Life is track 4 and it's a departure from the previous efforts. Piano notes set the tone for this one and it's clearly an ode to cutting toxic people out. Not as dark as the rest, but the lyrical skill is still present in the verses. This one is definitely relatable, and probably my favorite on this project.

The 5th track is Roll Away and features the homegirl MVNDI from REHAB MUSIK. Her verse is a heck of a contrast from the deep and gravelly voices of Labrynthine and Keagan. Really makes her shine on this 90s-esque beat. The song itself is about getting that paper anyway possible and it's a subtle banger.

The Finale of the EP is Shouldaneva. It's a payback track and it's a damn good one too. Straight up should have never fucked me over type shit! You really feel the raw emotion channeled into this one, especially with the venom spitting delivered in the verses and the animalistic growls in the hook. Trust me, you'll feel it...

And now my take always:

This is a great EP with a lot of religious and mythological imagery presented skillfully and dark, like I like it. Like urban horror but that's not all it is. It's also heartfelt and raw, bringing real emotion with the lyrics. Each track stands alone as an excellent representation of the Cinderblock Saints, but it takes all of them to get the complete picture. I really enjoy it when artists vary their musical style and this is an excellent example of that. Jay Reno's production really helps to complete this as well as it seems to channel the emotion and lay the foundation.

Keagan and Labrynthine really mesh well together. They have the tag team style down pat. They switch in and out like smooth butter and their vocals complement each other and the subject matter perfectly. I really look forward to seeing more from these guys together, and hopefully some live shows.

1 week. August 30th. This EP is easily worth it. Also, Night Owl Prints runs the cleanest shirts in the Underground. That's just facts, Jack.

So grab your CD and Tee Shirt combo, support the Underground and bump the fuck outta Cinderblock Saints when it drops!

Much love to the multitalented, underrated allstar Keagan Grimm for the opportunity and advanced copy!

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