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GOTJ '22 Teaser Q&A With Whipstick from the Super Famous Fun Time Guys.

ScottyMFV here!

With the Gathering of Dreams taking place this weekend and alot of Homies on the road already, I wanted to do a couple of quick interviews to get everyone excited for some kick ass artists... unfortunately all I got was Whipstick from SFFTG. The Guys will be holding it down for LLE, Long Live Evil, performing Wednesday @ 8:45 P.M. on the Joke Ya Mind Stage! If for some reason you'd want to Meet and Greet with them, they will be hanging out at the Merch Tent from 5-6 P.M. that Wednesday as well! So anyways, here's a Q&A with A Luchador, with my own thoughts and reactions (for some reason...)


Me: (I decided to start with the gripping question.)

"So how many gatherings have you attended?"


Whip: 9


Me: (Hard hitting facts)

What was your favorite so far?


Whip: Either 2005 or 2016


Me: (IYKYK it seems)

How does it feel to be invited to play this year?


Whip: "Pretty crazy, actually. Never thought that email would ever come through."

Me: (The fans have spoken if you ask me)

"What's your favorite song to play live? If it's Positive, what other than positive?"


Whip: "Could've Played fallout"


Me: (I too enjoy this one live)

"What can we expect from the set this year?"


Whip: "Us being stupid for like half an hour"


Me: (Wouldn't ask for anything different)

"Any exclusive merch?"


Whip: "Come to the merch booth and find out!"


Me: (sounds like a challenge homies)

"Who is your favorite act, and you can’t say the clowns, to see at the Gathering? Lol"


Whip: "There's a buncha homies we've played with, that always kill it live. so instead, not a favorite, but I'm most eager and excited to see performances from the C17 camp: Hexxx and Ouija."


Me: (Chapter 17 IS on the come up right now, wow)

"I asked Famz as well, any chance you guys show up for Ford Tempo?"


Whip: "Depends on how the cookie crumbles"


Me : (Fingers crossed homies)

"Is Legz gonna get smashed?"


Whip: "Probably"


Me: (Probably)

"Are you looking forward to seeing the Xuligans and Funyuns at the Meetngreet?"


Whip: "Of course! Anyone who wants to waste their time standing in line, where we are on the other end of it, is part of the problem."

There you have it folks, Pulitzer Prize winning stuff straight outta Lucha Florida!

So come one, come all…

The 22nd Annual Gathering  of the Juggalos: Gathering of Dreams awaits! Starting this Wednesday, August 3rd-6th @ Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio!

Super Famous will be joining the likes of Famz & The Hooliganz as well as Madd Maxxx, HB The Grizzly, Wicked Wood, LSP's Gorehoundz of Snuff and many more. Insane Clown Posse, Esham, Mike E. Clark, Mushroomhead and other guests are headlining 4 amazing nights of Family Love!  Enjoy the show and feel free to share this if you are excited to see (kayfabe aside) one of the Greatest Underground Acts around goof off on stage this year!!


As always, a big Thank You to Whipstick for even answering my message, let alone doing the interview. 8 Legz won’t even look at my DMs. HTFU.


Tickets for The Gathering Still available!

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