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GOTJ '22 Teaser Q&A With Famz of The Hooliganz!

ScottyMFV back again for The 26 Timez! Continuing where we left off with Whipstick, I've got the boss Famz here to give us a (significant) teaser Q&A for the 22nd Gathering! This Friday, August 5th, The Hooliganz will be taking over the Nightmare Stage @ 5:30 P.M. everyone should be fresh and in attendance and ready to open The Pit the fuck up!! We all know The 2 and The 6 will be shredding the Nightmare Stage so make sure you DRAG all your homies over with you!

Now on with the interview!

Q. Easy ones first, how many gatherings have you attended, as yourself and as a performer?

A. My first gathering was in 2011. Gur and I along with a few other local juggalos hit the road in a sketchy Buick Centery that blew up halfway there... We left the car in a parking lot and got a ride the rest of the way. We scrubbed it tf out the whole time and caught a ride to a bus stop afterward super late at night, and had to break into a laundry mat to sleep for the night. We come to find out in the morning we ended up actually getting dropped off at the wrong bus station, but luckily a buncha other juggalos got dropped there too and we partied all day until we could get a ride home. Since then I've been to like 7 more.

Q. How many of those did you play?

A. The first year we played was the 17th annual which was an honor. I had just started the band, but psychopathic was familiar with me as a solo artist from opening for them for a few years prior.

Q. What was your favorite so far?

A. The 17th by far...not for our performance, but the Gathering that year was top fucking notch. WIZARD OF THE HOOD. Enough said.

Q. How are you feeling physically? Well I hope.

A. Still kinda rough, honestly. It's hard to walk, but I've been resting and stretching religiously to prepare.

Q. What's your favorite song to play at the Gathering?

A. Idk yet, I think I'll probably have a new favorite after this year's set. We have some cool shit planned. 😎

Q. Any chance Fun Time shows up for Ford Tempo?

A. Now why would I let them ruin another one of my perfect sets with theirs shenanigans 🙃

Q. What can we expect from the set this year?

A. Songs you've never heard live, maybe some guests, maybe a 26ft dragon ascending upon the stage breathing fire made of dildos. Anything is possible.

Q. Any exclusive merch?

A. Of course. It wouldn't be a 26 event without a chance to pass the collection plate.

S. People are hype for the flyers... I know that's not a question but I just think it's awesome that they are excited for those alone... care to comment? Lmao...

C. It's awesome to see people get behind us. I remember our first GOTJ having to throw ourselves at everyone to get them to pay attention. I'm looking forward to seeing how deep the Hooliganz are this year. Because it grows every time we are there...performing or not.

Q. Top 5 to see play this year?

A. I'm really excited to see Pouya and Fat Nick this year. I spoke to them years ago about playing the Gathering and they seemed so sketched by the idea lol its gonna be exciting to see how they're recieved. Super Famous Fun Time Guys, Madd Maxxx, and then Steel Panther.

So much to unpack there! Holy Hell... We've seen the Hooliganz Jersey and Shorts, available first at the Gathering of Dreams. What else could be instore? Grab copies of all the audio they bring, you will not regret it. Also, The Mourning Star usually brings fantastic gear and original pieces!

Someone snag me one of them Flyers dammit!

Catch Famz and The Hooliganz live Friday, August 5th @ 5:30 on The Nightmare Stage during the 22nd Annual Gathering of the Juggalos: Gathering of Dreams! Starting tomorrow, August 3rd-6th @ Legend Valley in Thornville, Ohio! Party with The 2 and The 6 all weekend and pass the collection plate!

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