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DopeSick Picnic 4| The26TimeZ w/ SCOTTYMFV

What up y’all it’s your big homie SCOTTYMFV and I’m proud to present the first entry for The 26 Timez!

Recently Famz handed me a directive: a Blog/Vlog portion of REPENTTOTHE26.COM dedicated to

shining a spotlight on underground news and events! As a product of the underground myself, how could I resist?

So with that in mind, I knew a great starting point would be the upcoming Dopesick Picnic 4. We all know great acts are hitting the stage on July 16th, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

S.O.N., Super Famous Funtime Guys, The Alla Xul Elu, and of course The Hooliganz will be shredding the stage up.

However I wanted to know more about the Hosts of this event, GASMASK inc.

I messaged Lazyeyed, GMi Co-Owner and Artist, on his social media to see if he could share a little

history with me. He took some time and did just that. His fellow Co-Owner PSE created GMi in 2009 as

the first “juggalo underground, powerhouse record label".

Being the first of it’s kind in Morgantown, their shows faced some pushback and lack of support. Those

setbacks, combined with the desire to gain more exposure for GMi's talent and other emerging artists,

led to the creation of The Dope Sick picnic in 2019. Lazyeyed is quoted as saying they “wanted to give

other up and coming artists the chance to shine and everyone deserves their chance at that.”

Lazyeyed continued on by saying “Don't let the name of the show confuse you. The Dopesick thing

started with P (PSE). He used to tell everyone what he writes is dope and what he spits is sick.”

“We look at the picnic as a family affair. We don't judge anyone or any music. We love everything

everyone brings to the picnic. It started with people most have never heard of. Now we're starting to get

bigger names and hoping one-day it will turn into a two to three day event.”

With acts like Super Famous and The Hooliganz, and a special guest performance from The A.X.E. on the

bill, this might be a multiple day event sooner than later.

The rest of the show is made up of the GMi roster. Now as an underground enthusiast, I really respect

the game plan here. Bring in some big names and that's going to help get your team some big exposure.

I always like to remind everybody that even our favorites started out as opening acts.

The Gasmask inc. roster currently consists of PSE, LazyEyed, Sprague Dawley, JoRdO, and TonLok Alpha

Dog. The collective supergroup is known as the GASMASK KILLA. PSE and LazyEyed also form a duo

known as the BabyTooth Killas. PSE and JoRdO also do solo acts to round out the roster. All of which are

slated to perform on the 16th as well.

Lazyeyed let a little inside knowledge slip as well stating that GMi have a few other group efforts in

progress. Exciting to see what the future holds for these boys.

I’ve also been following along with their progress with preparations for the picnic on social media. I’m

personally excited for the outdoor stage they built for this event. Looks like everyone will have a good

view of the show.

With Underground favorites, gracious hosts, free Glizzys, BYOB* and camping in the cut away from the

annoyance of society, this is shaping up to be the perfect cure for the Camp Xul hangover.

I’ll catch everyone there, and I’ll have a Vlog Review up shortly after the event. As always, till I’m blue in

the face… Hooooooooooool!

GMi can be found on Facebook at

Tickets for the picnic still available at

*Byob is strictly ID enforced. Be smart, don’t drink and drive. We lost enough homies.

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good ish 🤘🏻👌🏻🖤

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