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D.E.A.N Voodoo Frankenstein Prerelease Review and Primer

What's good homies? It's me, ScottyMFV, back with another exciting preReview for you! This time it's everyone's favorite Underground Pig God himself Destiny, Everything And Nothing, or D.E.A.N. for short! He's blessed us here at The 26 TimeZ with an advanced copy of his upcoming release Voodoo Frankenstein I get the pleasure of reviewing it. First things first, let's go through the facts. Voodoo Frankenstein is available for preorder now and comes with several bad ass bundle options as well. You can Preorder it here! The album itself releases on September 17th, so less than a month until you can enjoy this Voodoo Rock Masterpiece.

Anyways, on with the show so to speak:

This album starts off with my favorite track right off rip, Voodoo Rising. It really sets the tone for the entire album, which we all know I'm a fan of. It tells the tale of a lovesick witch who made the man of her dreams and it does with the catchiest of hooks. You will be singing "Black Magic Baby Black Magic Baby" to yourself long after. It's just solid New Orleans inspired rock and I can't get enough.

Apocalove is the second song and as it's name implies, it's an Apocalyptic Love song. With 3 days left before global destruction, Apocalove tells the story of how D.E.A.N would spend his last days with his Love. It's quite poetic while still maintaining it's rock n roll sound and horror vibe.

The 3rd track is ROADKILL Baby. It's a killer take on the Frankenstein theme and it also features one hell of a classic rock sound to it as well. My favorite line from it is "the next one I hit, I can't fuck up the face". Rock n Roll Horrorcore at it's finest! The story of the track tells of a lonely man, running down women, collecting the parts, and making his own bride. It's such a good track.

The 4th entry is Sinfully Delicious it's sinfully good. It's a ode to self love and acceptance under the guise of Voodoo orgy of sorts. With a hell of a good drum track driving the song forward this one is made to get bodies moving!

Track 5 is Witchfist, a take on the classic horror story The Monkey Paw, is more of a cautionary tale than you might think. Fuck it's a hellava good song though. The titular witch fist grants it's unsuspecting user wishes that come at an enormous cost and D.E.A.N explores this theme in a excellent manner.

The sixth song might as well be the sixsixsixth entry, it's called SOLDMYSOUL. I'm not sure this isn't based on a true story. It's exactly as the name says, a rocker sells his sold for rock n roll and we get a kick ass rock track out of it. I think we all know who sold what to make this album this good!

The sequel to a classic D.E.A.N song, Number 7 is Human BBQ 2. Its a dissection of the human anatomy in a delicious rock flavored song. It's far to tastefully done to not come back for seconds. Again the musical production and D.E.A.N's delivery pair so well that it makes one hell of an entree!

The 8th track is a pulse pounding song called Poison Party! The drums again drive this song to where you feel it as much as you hear it. The name says it all, a tale of a party gone wrong, think drinking the kool aid at a rock concert. Featuring some dope vocal distortions and fun lyrics, this one is sure to have a cult following.

Track 9 is Electrifying, and the violin inclusion really sets this one apart productionwise. The tale of a wanderer who finally found a home performing for a bunch of monsters, this one is definitely a comparison to how D.E.A.N must feel performing for those of us who make up the Army of the Heartless and it's good to know he is in it for life.

And now, my personal takeaways from listening to this album quite a bit. It is my Favorite project from D.E.A.N to date and it will be hard to top this one. The rock n roll sound, his delivery and story telling lyrics go so well together, it's ridiculous. With true voodoo horror elements flowing throughout, it is a non stop delight! The story telling in each song really bring a complete picture every time and keeps the show rolling. I really hope we get to hear this album in it's entirety live at some point, Camp Xul perhaps? D.E.A.N has really cemented himself as a genre hopping genius. If you fuck with horror and black magic, you wont want to miss this. Even though I have a copy already I'll be picking up my own physical copy as well. It's easily worth it...

Speaking of worth it, Voodoo Frankenstein comes with some amazing bundle options as well. These are some of the coolest peices of merch to ever drop with an album in my opinion. The theatrics are on point with this one.

Not only can you pick up the album itself, but you can grab your choice of 4 bad ass shirts or 2 killer Jersey options.

That's not all! Coming from the song Witchfist, You can also pick up your very own Limited Edition handcrafted Witchfist replica!

Look at that horrific beauty! Crafted by the evil genius himself, Brandon Philbrick of Philbrix Studios, its extremely limited!

As some of you may know, D.E.A.N has an ongoing collaboration with St. Pete Sauce Co. and naturally there is a Hot Sauce as well, Voodoo Swamp Hot Sauce!

There you have it straight from the Army of the Heartless website. Sounds amazing to me!

Of course there are 4 bundle options available and these are truly epic! The first 2 options are the Voodoo Frankenstein Shirt or Jersey bundle. Pretty straightforward. Option 1, you pick the shirt and get your copy of the album. Option 2, Your choice of Jersey, shirt and a signed copy of the album. Option 3 is Hot Sauce bundle! Featuring a bottle of the Voodoo Swamp Hot Sauce, a matching Tee, copy of the Album and the real kicker... An authentic Alligator head straight from New Orleans!! The Final and grandest of bundle options is the Voodoo Frankenstein Baller Bundle! Featuring a copy of the Album and your choice of Jersey and Shirt and collectable pin. This bundle also features the extremely limited Witchfist and Voodoo Swamp hot sauce AND Alligator head!

Holy hell that is a STACKED release, for an epic Album! Make sure you check it out and presave the Album here as well!

Huge shout out to my Brother D.E.A.N for giving me this opportunity!

Happy birthday wishes to you as well as this is published on his Birthday, 8/27.

Catch the Pigman live at one of his upcoming events!

That'll do pig, that'll do...

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